From air combat veteran Tom Young comes the explosive saga of two enemy combatants— an American pilot and German U-boat officer— united by fate in an epic fight for survival . . .


About Tom

Tom Young served in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Air National Guard.  He has also flown combat missions to Bosnia and Kosovo, and additional missions to Latin America, the horn of Africa, and the Far East.  In all, Young logged nearly 5,000 hours as a flight engineer on the C-5 Galaxy and the C-130 Hercules, while flying to almost forty countries.

About Silver Wings, Iron Cross

World War II Lieutenant Karl Hagan earned his wings the hard way. But when his plane is shot down behind enemy lines, he’s forced to make the hardest decision of his life: trusting the enemy.

Oberleutnant Wilhelm Albrecht wore his Iron Cross with pride. But when his U-boat is attacked in a devastating air raid, he abandons ship and finds an unlikely ally: the pilot who bombed him.

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Praise for Tom Young

“Military-thriller fans should make Young’s work an essential addition to their reading lists.”

Booklist  (starred review)

“Young’s precise, evocative prose brings a far-off war into sharp-edge focus while honoring the heroic servicemen and women who fight against extraordinary odds.”

Publishers Weekly  (starred review)

“Courage and honor in the face of the enemy have not been so brilliantly portrayed since the great novels of the Second World War. I would recommend Thomas Young’s magnificent novel to anybody..”

Jack Higgins, author, The Eagle Has Landed, A Prayer for the Dying, First Strike

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