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Archive for June 2012

PTSD Awareness

Today, June 27, is a national day of awareness about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Please remember that for many troops, their war does not end when they return home. “American Thinker” interviewed me and some other folks for an article on the subject.

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A little research…

In my military career, I’ve always been a flyboy–never an infantryman, and certainly never any kind of special operator. But some of the characters in my novels are trigger-pullers, and to write them accurately, I have to do a little research. To that end, I recently took a great long-range rifle course at Storm Mountain…

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The Oldest Form of Entertainment

June is Audiobook Month. Actor Scott Brick has done a terrific job of narrating the audio versions of all my novels. And Scott very kindly invited me to write a guest blog on the subject of audiobooks. Here’s the text of what I wrote for Scott’s web site: You may not realize it, but when…

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