1. Gordon M. Gibson on August 24, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    So you know where I’m coming from: Flight Surgeon for the 48th ARRS at Eglin in 1966, completed the “long course” in Aviation Medicine in 1971; Chief of Aerospace Medicine for Logistics Cmd 71-73, Hosp Cmdr at Udorn73-74, Consult Service at SAM74-76. Reserves at Carswell AFB til retired in 91. Flew F-4,105 and a few transports. Helped design the F-15 cockpit.Loved it all but had to leave because I couldn’t afford to stay on active duty. My ex-wife is still after me for alimony. Loved your books. Meant to take my copy of “Silent Enemy” to the B&N for autograph when you were here in Pensacola but … here is a typo for the next edition. Page 283, line 3: fronds. I haven’t looked at a big chart but could they not have gone somewhere else after they jetisoned the bomb about page 229 and 251?? Keep writing.

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