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Upcoming WWII novel

New title for my WWII novel upcoming in 2020 from Kensington Books: SILVER WINGS, IRON CROSS. Took this photo on a research trip to the Palm Springs Air Museum in Riverside County, California. Cockpit of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Miss Angela.”

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New Novel Coming Soon

Happy to report that Kensington Books will publish my newest novel in 2020. It’s a historical novel set in World War II. The working title is THE BREMEN RUN. Watch this space for more details.

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WWII Airborne Demonstration Team

Just read a good article in the AOPA magazine about the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team. Love these living history organizations. Check out this video on how ADT recreates the sights and sounds of WWII paratrooper operations.

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Wearing my other hat….

Before becoming a novelist, I worked as a journalist for the Associated Press. It has been my privilege to remain a member of the National Press Club, which helps promote press freedom here at home and around the world. In a podcast for the Press Club, I spoke with Alan Miller, founder of the News…

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World War II novel

Completing a WWII novel that deals in part with the Battle of the Atlantic. Many folks don’t realize how close WWII came to mainland American shores. I first got interested in this subject years ago during my college days. With the UNC-Chapel Hill Scuba Club, I dived on several WWII shipwrecks off the Outer Banks,…

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I highly recommend the film Sully. Great movie about regular people becoming heroes in the course of doing their jobs well. Sully rightly gets tremendous credit, but I like the way the film shows how everyone was on the ball: his first officer and flight attendants, first responders, ferry boat crews, etc.

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